Milo Shopper Marketing

In 2016, we were invited to do a case study for Milo. With more affordable and 'nutritious’ competitors in the breakfast drink aisle, the team was posed with the question: was Milo still relevant?

Per the brief, the task was to latch on to Milo’s current “Beat Energy Gap” campaign to become mom’s top-of-mind breakfast drink. However, if we truly want to stay relevant, we realized our role as the agency is to challenge the brief and expand. Expand the shopper base, expand the drinking occasion, and expand the Big Idea by presenting Milo’s Life Advantage and Nutrition Advantage.

This duality in advantage was applied across all communications in-store. We developed disruptive point-of-sale materials to be able to pique mom’s interest, attract them to the category, and start a nutrition conversation with them.

To be able to speak to a larger market, we also adapted the same concept of interactive point-of-sale materials to dress-up community Sari-Sari stores.

Consistent with the brand's vision of nourishing champions, our "Game for Life: Game-ready, Life-ready" campaign emphasizes how Milo not only contributes to a child's winning energy but how sports can teach a child winning attitude as well.