Rocky Mountain Coffee


For some, as long as it wakes you up in the morning, it is indeed coffee. This results to consumers with no brand preference and no brand loyalty. How then do we create brand affinity in a highly saturated segment?
Simple. We begin with the story.

Rocky Mountain Coffee is more than just a caffeine rush. It is made with homegrown and high-grown coffee beans and cultivated by no less than the experienced hands of our indigenous people— the Ibaloi, Kankana-ey, T’boli, Talaandig, and other mountain tribes. Each cup is a tale of passion, place, and people.

As storytellers, we made it our mission to take our audience into a visual journey through Rocky Mountain Coffee’s eco-system. So that every brand element, color, graphics, packaging and collateral design will remind you of the passionate people that handcrafted it to its glory.

Take a sip and awaken your love for coffee.